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Jewelry Procurement | Buy, Bid or Bespoke

Buy, bid or bespoke, DBC will find or design the jewel.

Whether you are searching for an internally flawless yellow diamond or a special way to personalize the birth of a child, we’ve got you covered. Our distinctive “match-making” approach focuses on information gathering and exploration of histories (of buyer and of objects) followed by the sourcing or designing of the ideal—and most meaningful—piece for each recipient. You’ll never need a gift receipt again.

Shipping, insurance, GIA certificates and provenance reports, when appropriate, are included in jewelry procurement.

Provenance Reports | Storytelling

The foundation of the DBC experience—the story behind each gem or object and its context, authenticity and origin—is just as important as the piece itself. We can create beautifully detailed and illustrated histories of any piece of jewelry, whether newly purchased or passed down from multiple generations.

Collection Management | Assess, Appraise, Edit and Expand

DBC works with clients to build and manage jewelry collections with special consideration given to each individual’s artistic preferences and expressions. Ideal for collectors (experienced and nascent), connoisseurs and clients who want to expand or edit their collections or those just looking to fill in a few gaps.

Engagement | Put a Ring on It

Hoping to soon become betrothed? DBC will help you find or design an engagement ring that will withstand time and trend. Work with our trained geologists to learn about more than cut, color, clarity and cost. How is the ascher cut different from the radiant cut? Why does the cushion cut have so much caché? What does adamantine mean? No question is too small, no jewel out of reach. A lifetime guarantee is our vow.

Jewelry Wardrobe Styling | Learn to Layer

Jewelry and costume are inseparable and work in tandem to communicate the identity, style and nature of a person. DBC works with clients to mix, match, stack and layer jewelry for all outfits and occasions. Specific services include assisting those in need of a statement necklace for a dress (or, on occasion, vice versa!) or those who hesitate when moving jewelry from box to body.

Jewelry Seminars and Lectures | Master the Arts

DBC seminars examine the history of jewelry from the ancient world to present day, while jewelry styles are studied and situated within their cultural, social and political context. Lectures address how new materials and changing styles of dress informed and inspired the design of jewelry.

Participants will learn things such as: why the ancient Romans used chalcedony for cameos, how Baroque pearls dictated Renaissance jewelry design and why Van Cleef & Arpels first used ruby to invisibly set jewels. Gemology, fashion, material culture theory and popular culture are incorporated into seminar discussions to enhance participants’ understanding of jewelry not only as a form of decorative art but also as its own field of study.

Lectures and full- or half-day seminars can be tailored to specific collections or areas of interest.

DBC NYC Excursions | Jewelry Immersion

Customized tours of New York City’s gems.

A curated day or afternoon in Manhattan with guided tours of fine jewelry houses, designer ateliers, artist studios and showrooms, museums, galleries and personal collections.

Personalized tours make excellent gifts for jewelry enthusiasts or a grouping of friends.