DBC Experience

Welcome. We can’t wait to hear your story.

The DBC experience begins with you.

Our process begins by learning all we can about our clients or the intended recipients of the jewels: who they are, what they do, what they love—their particular personal histories.

Then we begin our search.

With each client as our inspiration, we unearth the provenance of pieces and look for meaningful links to artists. To seek out special connections, we examine periods in which items were made, the specific materials used and the methods of construction. We leave no story unturned in our search for the perfect, most meaningful jewel. And if that jewel cannot be found, we will have it made.

DBC is not a handshake on 47th Street, an exclusive salon, a mass retailer, or an impersonal bid online or at auction. We are about establishing personal connections—to you, to your jewels and to the jewels you buy for others. We are guided by the story, not by the sale, and we are driven by what connects us to objects and to each other.

Welcome. We can’t wait to hear your story.



She designs dresses, rides horses and has homes in Manhattan and Millbrook. She loves city and country living, evening- and riding-gloves and is known to fox hunt before work. To mark a milestone anniversary, her husband wanted to present a jewel that encapsulated his wife, spoke of his devotion to her and reflected her love of fashion, art and the environment.

The jewel: DBC worked with a Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)-award winning jeweler to design a custom, yellow-gold band created with ethically sourced materials and inspired by the fluid lines of American sculptor Richard Serra. A personalized inscription from husband to wife on the inside of the shank silently spoke volumes.


He’s a Manhattan-based writer, historian and former museum curator well known for his sartorial elegance and his subtle sense of humor. In preparation for an upcoming book tour, he was in search of a piece de resistance to add to his jewelry wardrobe.

The jewel: DBC unearthed a set of mid-20th Century French cufflinks that suited his fashion sense and reflected his affinity for Art Deco while also calling attention to the movement’s modernity, craftsmanship and enduring nature.


With three children under the age of five, she hardly has time to get herself dressed, much less take jewelry from box to body. Upon the birth of their third child, her husband wanted to gift his wife with a beautiful yet dependable piece that could accompany her active life and complement her classic style.

The jewel: The DBC solution was a slinky, four-row diamond pave bracelet that can take her from school drop to spin class to Spruce (a favorite restaurant) without ever having to leave her wrist.


A resident of Northern California, she grows Meyer lemons, is an art aficionado and helped establish a local theatre company. Notorious for lavish entertaining and indulging loved ones, she can often be found escorting family members to Hog Island Oyster Bar on Tomales Bay whenever they are in town. For her 70th birthday, and after the recent passing of her husband, fifteen nieces and nephews were looking for a special way to honor and celebrate their beloved aunt who treated them as her own children and, more than occasionally, spoiled them all.

The jewel: DBC suggested a bracelet adorned with charms selected by each family member to symbolize their own relationship with their aunt. The bracelet was packaged with individual notes revealing the person behind each charm and the reason why it was selected.